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A recent trip to Spain and France

By |2018-04-23T11:09:07+01:00Monday, April 23, 2018|pet transport, pet travel by road|

Courier Marc made a recent trip to Spain and France. He travelled out with a cat called Fergal, who was reunited with his owner in Madrid; and an American Bulldog called Murphy, who swapped Kent for Almeria. He came back to the UK with several cats, as well as a pair of dogs who've become frequent travellers. He also scooped up courier J, whose journey back from a holiday in France was disrupted by a French rail strike. So she was on hand to help with the pets and take some photos. Ole and Scooby Shih Tzu Ole and his [...]

Pets travelling to Spain, then on to Greece via France and Italy

By |2018-01-29T15:24:49+00:00Monday, January 29, 2018|pet transport, pet travel by road|

Animalcouriers set off from the UK with five pets travelling to Spain — three cats and two dogs. While in spain we collected three dogs relocating to Italy, which works out perfectly as we head on towards Greece. Fleure and Alex Dynamic duo Fleure and Alex travelled with us from London to Seville. Alex proved to be very confident, while Fleure preferred to keep a wary eye out from the safety of a warm bed. Gorgeous tabby Alex has amazing green eyes Beautiful fluffy Fleure, wrapped up in her own tail You can tell from [...]

Heading to the UK with five dogs from Spain

By |2017-05-08T09:28:48+01:00Saturday, May 6, 2017|pet travel by road|

On board as we head towards the UK are five dogs from Spain. They're a great bunch of playful, friendly characters who all love their walks. Rocco In the port town of Tarifa — a mecca for sand surfers — we met up with Franciska, who arrived the night before from Morocco with lovely little Rocco, who she rescued from the streets. Franciska was working in Morocco when she found herself adopted by Rocco, and couldn't leave her behind. It's quite complicated transporting dogs from Morocco, and they'd had to wait a while for Rocco's travel documents to come through. [...]

client testimonials

By |2021-08-24T14:47:30+01:00Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

All photographs on this site are of our animal clients. All countries mentioned are destinations to which we have delivered animals. All species mentioned, we have handled. Thank you Animal Couriers for getting my bunnies to me safely all the way from South Africa! I specifically want to thank Julia and Ryan. The support I received in such a stressful time was incredible and the constant communication to put my mind at ease on their journey was exactly what I needed! Thank you for reuniting me with my family after 6 long months! Laura I would like to [...]

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