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Buttons is nearing the end of his journey

By |2016-10-17T11:02:44+01:00Thursday, November 24, 2011|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road, pet travel by sea|

"Where's the ferry, what time do we board?" Buttons asks courier J impatiently. He's is busy making sure all the arrangements for his crossing are falling into place. "Did I hear the dockside steward say something about gale force winds?" We don't think Buttons is likely to be put off by a bit of a breeze! His owner Lisa says: "Ahh, bless him. I'm dreading this part. I hope it's not too rough!"

A tailored trip for Buttons

By |2016-10-17T11:02:44+01:00Thursday, November 24, 2011|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, pet travel by road, pet travel by sea|

Tabby cat Buttons will be 20 on his next birthday. He's an Orkney lad who moved to Paris earlier this year with his owner Lisa. But he quickly told Lisa that he wasn't really a city cat and would rather go back to Orkney. Animalcouriers have organised a special trip just for Buttons. As soon as his pet passport became live, courier S dashed over to Paris to collect him. Buttons was clearly anxious to be off. "Come on, we don't want to be be late! We can cross the Channel at midnight, can't we?" he implored, as he gathered [...]

client testimonials

By |2021-02-19T10:43:43+00:00Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

All photographs on this site are of our animal clients. All countries mentioned are destinations to which we have delivered animals. All species mentioned, we have handled. A massive thank you to Animalcouriers for the safe delivery of our beautiful puppy Lupin. Despite the atrocious weather in the Norfolk area, Lupin arrived happy and rested.Teresa (Teresa's puppy Lupin travelled with Animalcouriers in the UKThank you so much for the excellent service you and the team have provided! Very happy with how you were able to accommodate us and our requests in a very short time frame, especially with all the [...]

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24 hours on Orkney

By |2016-10-17T11:02:44+01:00Saturday, November 26, 2011|animal transportation, latest news, on the road, things we have seen, things we like|

People often tell us how lucky we are to visit all the places where we collect and deliver animals. Mostly, however, we're on the road with animals to care for, and so can't take full advantage of our itinerary. And although the view from the "office" window is pretty good, we usually only get a fleeting glimpse of the places we pass through. Delivering buttons to Orkney however was an exception. Once he was safely home, the ferry timetable meant we had a 24-hour rest with no animals on board. So we spent a delightful day taking in the stunning [...]

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